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Why Marketech Corp?

We are your competitive advantage to getting new customers – fast.

The Most Effective Way To Acquire New Customers

Outsourcing your sales efforts can help you gain new customers quickly by allowing you to tap into tools, resources and human capital that previously was only available to large enterprises. At Marketech Corp, we provide sales and business development services to companies who are seeking to sell their products and services in the United States and Canadian markets. We offer a true alternative to in-house sales and marketing resources by becoming your dedicated sales team.

How We Beat The Competition

Most sales outsourcing companies may offer you one sales person to work with. That person will be in charge of everything from generating leads, creating campaigns, making calls, and closing the deal. On paper that may seem to work. The unfortunate reality is no one sales person is an expert in ALL these areas. That is where Marketech Corp comes in…

Experts At Every Level Of The Pipeline

What makes Marketech Corp well positioned to sell your products and services is not just evidenced by our client’s success, decades long experience, or even how we have been a market leader in the high tech outsourcing sales space, but also in our Expert Sales Process. Within this sales process, 4 teams of experts manage your sales campaign at each stage of the pipeline. Experts in these four areas will handle your products and services:


Research Team

“Our research team crunches numbers, meticulously analyzes your market, sets up and generates lists of target prospects. This team digs deep into the customer industry, job titles of customers, and ultimately is in charge of generating an extensive list filled with contacts…”

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Campaign Team

Our campaign team provides the initial introduction of your products and services to the prospective customer. It is comprised of both technically skilled marketers and aggressive campaigners who convert the lists from the research team into what we define…

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Project Management Team

Our Project Management or Sales ConsultantTeam is in charge of engaging and educating the client to the benefits of your products and services. They will schedule web meetings when necessary or discuss business or technical aspects of a product or service, arranging the…

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Executive Team

Our Executive Team monitors the sales process for each of our clients DAILY, allocates resources accordingly, and is in charge of optimizing and improving the performance of all the teams.Execution is on point with DAILY monitoring. By providing key feedback and checking each…

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Technical Support Team

“While not part of our regular sales package, our Technical Support Team can be plugged into the sales process to handle installations, API interfaces, and other high level technical implementations. They can also handle customer support issues and serve in other necessary retention roles…”

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