Project Management Team - Marketech Corp

Main goal

Follow up, educate and close sales on the leads that are provided by the campaign team. Speed to market through immediate expansion of sales bandwidth is accomplished through this team. We understand that the connection between business and customer is as important as the potential revenue.


In order to close as many sales as we can within the shortest period of time, our project managers implement the following main approaches:

  1. Immediate follow up on any new lead received.
  2. Constant and aggressive follow up with all the existing prospects.
  3. Creative proposals to convince the leads to trial the product / service.
  4. Offer a unique billing and payment option, to allow customers to quickly allocate funding to the new product / service.


Callers: Our US based (Houston, TX) callers use the most advanced equipment such as predictive dialers and auto script generators. These tools and more allow our callers to reach out to very large groups of prospects (several hundreds daily) in a very effective way.

The combination of a very clear and sharp message + many calls + real time engagement

Real time notification: We have partnered with a robust content engagement software that allows us to be alerted in REAL TIME when a prospect engages with marketing materials we sent to them on your behalf. We have callers at the ready to reach out to this lead when they are notified of the engagement. This immediate action increases our conversion rate and delivery of a much higher qualified potential customer.

Web meetings: We use a variety of online web conferencing tools for a successful virtual meeting. The presentation is then viewed by all in attendance and the meeting can be recorded for audit or review. Being proficient in using the virtual methods globally, allows us to achieve a very high conversion rate.

Advanced customized CRM: Due to the large leads flow and the accumulated group of sales prospects, we must have a sophisticated system that can “Understand” the process and help us ensure that each lead receives the appropriate attention in a timely manner.
With the expertise of our in-house engineers, who are Microsoft CRM Dynamics experts, we are able to customize a unique CRM system that fits the needs of each one of our clients.

Due to the real time web access of our CRMs, our customers are able to keep track of our activities and see what is happening at any time.


Our Project Management & Sales Team is responsible for educating the client about the benefits of your products and services. They will schedule web meetings when necessary, discuss business or technical aspects of a product or service, arrange the terms of the agreement, and ultimately – close the sale.