Executive Team - Marketech Corp

Main goal

Responsible for the flow of the process between the different team in order to achieve the largest number of sales in the shortest period of time. Understanding that speed to market through immediate expansion of sales bandwidth is key.


Create a daily workflow that expedites the speed to market for your products and services. Integrate the information our clients share with us even prior to starting our team’s work. Concentrate on those market segments and offerings that yield to the highest number of sales in the shortest sales cycle.

Training is focused and applicable to the products or services. Continually modify the sales process based on the high amount of daily feedback we receive from the prospects.


Our executives are constantly updated by the leaders of the different teams with daily and weekly reports.
Our CRM system is designed to allow us to define many different goals and achievement parameters, which are delivered as automatic reports to our executive team. Once those real-time reports are received, immediate action can be taken. Complete visibility is obtained through detailed notes in your personal and dedicated CRM.


Our Executive Team monitors the sales process for each of our clients DAILY, allocates resources accordingly, and is in charge of optimizing and improving the performance of all the teams. Execution is on point with DAILY monitoring. By providing key feedback and checking each team for effectiveness and efficiency, we streamline results for our clients.