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Case Studies

When we represent your company, we look at the market, business landscape, and product from every angle to make sure that we are employing every possible opportunity to close more sales.


NeuroTrax™ Corporation is a medical technology company that provides in-office testing of patient’s neurocognitive function. This test, MindStreams®, is used for the evaluation of memory, perception skills, reaction time and problem solving.

In early 2007, NeuroTrax began its marketing and sales efforts. Two years later, after weighing the cost of supporting their own sales force, NeuroTrax™ contacted Marketech and asked to be assisted in the marketing development and sales of their testing services.

Since late 2009, Marketech Corp has been providing all of the marketing and sales development for the United States and Canadian regions, as well as technical support and client training for NeuroTrax™ Corporation. During this time, Marketech has sold MindStreams® to more than 200 clinics and hospitals.

The marketing and sales of NeuroTrax™ Corporation’s technology leverages some of Marketech Corp’s core experience – providing a service via the phone, Internet and in person. That core experience, coupled with a support team that includes individuals with backgrounds in medical services and medical marketing, has provided NeuroTrax™ Corporation with a monthly client growth never achieved by their own sales force.


InterFax is an internet faxing technology for small, medium and large companies. Interfax began working with Marketech in January of 2004. At the time, InterFax had no sales activity in the US. Since then, telesales and web promotion were the main activities performed by Marketech in order to develop and increase sales.

Today, InterFax has more than 7000 clients in the North America market. Sales are consistently increasing every month.

InterFax is a technology that can apply to a variety of industries, such as food, healthcare, legal, construction, and many more. It is a very user friendly technology that caters to both end users and developers. End users find it very simple to send and receive faxes directly from their e-mail. Developers are pleased with the ease of integrating the free APIs that InterFax offers in order to create a web service.

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