Campaign Team - Marketech Corp

Main goal

Convert each contact from the sales prospect lists (provided by the research team) into dynamic communication. Each and every contact is approached by our campaign team and introduced to the product or service. When a lead asks to receive more information or to be contacted by our sales team, they become an “early stage lead”.


  1. Creation:
    With years of expertise and testing, we create the content for the most effective emails, scripts, and landing pages. This content then is monitored and AB tested during the duration of the entire campaign
  2. Push campaign:
    We use a personalized combination of emails, micro sites and cold calls to reach every potential customer on our contact list. With an over 90% delivery rate, we offer a successful advanced email campaign on your behalf.
  3. Pull campaign (optional):
    In most instances, Pull Campaigns use advertising methods over the web. The most common practices are PPC campaigns (which require an increase in budget) along with customized landing pages. The PPC campaign is created and continuously monitored and managed by our team. Many of the key words and phrases are added as soon as we talk to prospects or clients and learn what triggered their initial interest in a specific client’s product and service.


Our campaign team provides the initial introduction of your products and services to the prospective customer. It is comprised of both technically skilled marketers and aggressive campaigners who convert the lists from the research team into what we define as early stage leads. Early stage leads are reached by phone, email or another direct marketing channel. Once this becomes an engaging two way communication, we collect the pertinent information and swiftly send it off the Project Management Team.