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Advanced Outsourced Sales

We provide our clients with a full outsourced sales team to supplement, replace or engage as your in-house sales team. We offer a team mentality to quickly make this challenging market shift and automate your sales and marketing process. Your new team will increase sales, test different market segments, launch new products, and increase revenue.

Experts in Closing the Deal at its most Critical Point

One of the toughest challenges for outsourced companies and even in-house sales teams can be closing the deal. Closing the deal is that mission critical point, the moment where hard work meets opportunity, which for many, seems to not materialize enough. At Marketech Corp, high caliber sales performance is what we provide every day. Our diligence and high close rate is attributed to the way we run our sales operations.

Clients work with a Project Manager who has the educational background and work experience that relates to the specific industry of the clients’ technology or solution. This synergy of direct experience, education, and competency come together in a potent force that is geared toward representing your brand in the most comprehensive way. Our team becomes your company’s sales consultants.

On top of our high caliber team members, we also employ a proven process that ensures that potential customers don’t fall through the cracks in the sales cycle. This ensures that our hard work will then meet your opportunity in a timely fashion. Speed to market and Speed to close being of utmost importance.

To facilitate these technology sales, the Project Manager will educate the customer on your product, conduct web demonstrations and follow up with the potential buyers in order to close the deal. The training is focused and applicable to your product or services.Outsourcing sales requires Marketech Corp to prove our value to our clients on a daily basis through excellence in service and a high level of achievement. Utilizing our full suite of resources (Research team, campaign team, Project Management Team and Executive Team), we consistently meet and exceed both our internal goals as well as our clients’ expectations.

With our proven methodology, we achieve and exceed our goals by:

At Marketech Corp, we believe that commitment to excellence and simple, hard (and smart) work, coupled with our proven methodology and strong work ethics, creates an environment where everyone wins. This philosophy has allowed us to achieve our goals for growth and stability since our creation in 2000.

If you are frustrated by under performance, low transparency, lack of repeatable processes and challenges to business growth, CONTACT US. We will analyze the probability of success with our team.