About Us - Marketech Corp

About Us

Go build the next big thing. We will handle the sales and marketing.

Our Story

Marketech Corp began with a mission to serve as the sales office for high tech companies seeking to enter or expand their sales in the US and Canadian markets. With a sales team of talented experts in several technological areas, we take our projects from initial research in the most relevant market segments to the signing of distribution, licensing or OEM agreements with the largest U.S. corporations. We serve as the contact and customer service point for thousands of our clients’ customers and are ready to help you take your business to the next level. Built on many years of industry experience and insight, Marketech Corp has perfected a team mentality approach to sales.

Mission and Goals

Our focus has always been on achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and tapping in to the pulse of the market. Implementation is thorough. Training is focused and applicable to the product or services.
Marketech Corp has grown because we know how to reach customers for our clients thanks to our ability to communicate and above all – sell. As such, we have become the outsourced sales and marketing provider of choice for businesses because of the value we provide and the positive reviews we obtain from our efforts. We rapidly and pro-actively adapt to change for continuous improvement.

Word From the Founder

After more than a decade of selling different technology products and services, we came to the conclusion that in order to generate a successful sales program for any company, a good sales person alone will not be enough. A team of different experts is required in order to formulate a successful sales path. Marketech’s unique offering provides each one of its clients with a team of highly qualified experts that provide research, campaigns, pre / post sales management and supervision by a dedicated executive that makes sure each piece of the puzzle contributes towards reaching the ultimate goal: creating as many sales as possible within the shortest period of time. We realize that giving us your trust and the opportunity to serve as your company’s sales arm is not an easy decision, especially when you have the option of running your own sales team. We are committed from the first day to show you that choosing Marketech’s team is the best decision for your company’s future sales.

Despite the turbulence that comes with any startup or growing business, I have also seen what monumental success looks like to our clients. From two guys in a garage to international companies looking to ramp up their efforts into the U.S., we have helped deliver countless new customers to our clients. I am very proud of that achievement and it is that degree of success that I am always striving for with each and every one of our clients.